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Demonstrations / Come and Try

We offer educational demonstrations which cover the history, how to’s and safety of trick riding. These can be done on live horses or on a safe, stationary barrel horse. Using the barrel horse is perfect for giving the public a taste of trick riding as they can try themselves.

It is also well suited to smaller areas, indoors and outdoors and any event from Pony Club days to Field Days to Corporate events.


Providing action packed and family friendly performances is our pleasure!

With flexible options such as duration, frequency throughout the event, number of riders and extras like meet and greets we have something to suit every budget and event.


Catering for both small and large groups we offer introductory trick riding clinics for the beginners all the way through to advanced riders hoping to perfect tricks.

They are perfect for anyone hoping to build confidence, have fun, challenge themselves or just try something different!


For anyone interested in private lessons for themselves or a group of friends, we can also cater for this!

Much the same as clinics you will have fun and challenge yourself but have more one on one time with Alicia.